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Dalat City

Dalat - VietnamArea: 390.5 sq. km
Population: 130, 000 habitants (2001)
Administrative divisions:
- Wards:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
- Communes: Xuan Tho, Xuan Truong, Ta Nung
Ethnic groups: M’nong, Ma, Co Ho...


Dalat, capital of Lam Dong Province, is located approximately 308km northeast of Ho Chi Minh City. At an elevation of 1, 500 m, Dalat bears the look of an Old French city. It was founded in 1897 when Doctor Alexandre Yersin recommended that the area be developed as a resort town.
Dalat exhales its own poetic and romantic charm. Situated at 1, 500m above sea level, Dalat has a cool climate all year round. The annual average temperature is 18ºC. It is famous for its beautiful natural european-like sights. Dalat has many nice lakes, waterfalls, pine-tree forests and vegetable gardens. Flowers are everywhere in Dalat. You can find rhododendron, cherry, mimosa, hydrangea, rose, daisy, and dahlia here. Flower farms can become interesting visitor destinations as well. The city of Dalat is built on a hill area. It is relaxing to take a walk over the city watching the French style villas up and down hills. Dalat offers a harmonious combination of natural scenery and historical sites. It is ideal place for a couple or family vacation.
The unique tourism of Dalat City-Lam Dong Province is made from the combination of topographical, climatic and hydrographical factors. Together with its forests and regional flora and fauna, Lam Dong offers distinctive scenery with many picturesque lakes, falls, hills and pine forests. Some of the natural scenic spots include Xuan Huong Lake, Dan Kia – Suoi Vang Lake, Tuyen Lam Lake, Lake of Sighs, Valley of Love, Da Nhim Lake, Camly Falls, Datanla Falls, Prenn Falls, Pongour Falls, Dambri Falls, Bobla Falls, Liliang Falls, Voi (Elephant) Falls, Golf Hills, etc. Places of historical and cultural interest include some French – style palaces, Bao Dai King's Palace, Linh Son Pagoda, Linh Phong Pagoda, Truc Lam Zen Monastery, Dalat Cathedral, Cat Tien archaeological site. A trip to Dalat is not complete until one goes to the Dalat Flower Gardens.
Nowadays, tourists not only limit themselves to Dalat; they also visit the area of Langbian Highland and the ethnic minorities. Langbian Mountain’s highest peak at 2, 165m is very tempting for climbers. From Lom Bieng Klo peak, one can see endless green mountains reflecting the silver rays of the sun. Many tours are organized in the area, including parachuting and climbing. 

Prenn Falls is located at the foot of the Prenn Pass; 10km from the center of Dalat City. This is a famous waterfall. The foot of the falls is a small valley covered with flowers and pine trees

The 10km long pass is on the National Highway No.20 from Dalat to Ho Chi Minh City. The famous waterfall is located approximately 100m from the road. As you approach the falls, you will be able to notice the subtle change in temperature brought by the mist from the water falling from a height of 10m. The foot of the falls is a small valley covered with flowers and pine trees. The cascading water falls down over a small bridge that crosses the small lake.

Valley of Love is located about 5km north of the centre of Dalat City. Valley of Love ringed by hilly slopes covered with pine forest. Under King Bao Dai, the valley was called Hoa Binh (Peace) and then its name was changed to the Valley of Love. In 1972, Da Thien Lake was created in the valley and thanks to this enhancement, the beauty of the valley has become more poetic and seductive for travelers and lovers.


Xuan Huong Lake is located in the centre of Dalat City.  Xuan Huong is a very beautiful lake. The surface of the lake is as smooth as glass reflecting the shadows of pine-trees which sing in the wind all day and night.

Previously, Xuan Huong was a big lake in Dalat that was in the shape of a crescent moon. Xuan Huong Lake is a poetic site, attracting leisure visitors; it is also a popular rendezvous site for lovers. The road round Xuan Huong Lake is fully surrounded by pine-tree shadows, sometimes running straight, sometimes curved. Tourists can sit under ancient conifers to fish, play on the lake with pedal-boats in the shape of swans or rest at Thuy Ta Restaurant, admiring its exceptional architecture while enjoying a glass of fresh sweet water.

The flower park is located at 2 Phu Dong Thien Vuong St., Dalat City, Lam Dong Province, which leads from Xuan Huong Lake to Dalat University. The flower park is open daily from 7.30 am to 4 pm.

Dalat Flower Park is famous for its diverse species of flowers. It is considered a natural museum that houses a fine collection of native and exotic flowers. The park consists of at least 300 different kinds of flowers, hundreds of which are in blossom all year round.

Dambri Waterfall is located 18km from the centre of Bao Loc Town, Lam Dong Province. The climate around Dambri Waterfall is cool all year round. This is a huge waterfall in Lam Dong Province. 

On the way to Ho Chi Minh City, visitors can stop by Bao Loc, the land of tea, coffee and mulberry. Dambri Waterfall are surrounded by hills of mulberry, tea, and palm trees. Visitors can also enjoy a cruise on the clear lake. 


The waterfall is located in Tan Hoi Commune, Duc Trong District, Lam Dong Province; more than 45km away from Dalat City.

This waterfall is the most magnificent and powerful waterfall in the vicinity of Dalat.  Ponguor Waterfall is 20m high in the mountains. The water falls into a big lake producing a great noise, whose echo can be heard far away.


Lang Biang Mountains is located in Lac Duong District, Lam Dong Province; 12km north of center Dalat.

Lang Biang Mountains are an ideal place for mountain climbing, paragliding, trekking or studying flora and rare bird species. At the foot of the mountains is Lat Village, where the Co Ho Minority lives. 

Truc Lam Buddhist Pagoda is located on Phuong Hoang Mountain, by Tuyen Lam Lake in Ward 3, Dalat City, Lam Dong Province.

Truc Lam Buddhist Pagoda is located amidst beautiful natural scenery. This is the biggest pagoda in Dalat City. The pagoda is covering an area of about 24ha with a Buddhist institute and a 22ha garden.The pagoda was inaugurated in 1994. The Bonze Superior Thich Thanh Tu, who built and still manages this pagoda, is also the Buddhist dignitary of Thuong Chieu Buddhist Pagoda in Dong Nai. 


The golf course is located in the centre of Dalat City, Lam Dong Province. This is an 18-hole golf course with international technical standards. 

The Dalat Palace Golf Club is a golf retreat that soothes the senses, invigorates the body and calms the mind. Since the opening of Dalat Palace Golf Club in 1922, it has hosted golfers from around the world.

At 7, 009 yards in length and par 72, Dalat Palace Golf Club is an enjoyable challenge for golfers of all levels. Low handicap players will be tested by a series of lakes, which meander through ten of eighteen holes, as well as strategically placed bunkers, which penalize the miscalculating risk-taker. Novice players will find relief with large accommodating greens normally left open for run-up approach shots, as well as wide, forgiving fairways.

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